Dog Day Evening: Black Bartók @ A38

Sound Engineer’s Dog’s Log, Supplemental

It’s hot, particularly so here on the deck. Spent most of the afternoon wondering what’s happening to me and the universe in general, and why am I so insanely hot. Concluded I’m here on the boat again, there’s a sound check for tonight’s concert, have no idea about the state of the universe and opposed to the humans, I have fur. Hence I am hotter than they are. Knew I should have been born a bald Egyptian cat.

Someone came and stroked me behind my ears, looking at me with gooey eyes and whispering goood dooog. This would not have happened to me had I been an Egyptian cat. It’s good to be a dog.

Almost evening, still hot. There’s more of them now, and they are doing the ritual rounds to the bar. They queue and then pay to get foul tasting beverages, which consumed in large quantities will make them feel sick. I really do not understand humanity. It’s really good to be a dog, they just bring me bowls of water for free and now I’m not so hot anymore either. The woman who always forgets to take shots of the opening act has arrived. I can’t blame her this time, Rock Band for Old Men would probably bore old men to tears as well.  I will sleep a little and pretend this is not happening.

Deciding whether to claim this was a rude awakening or not, someone stroked me behind the ears yet again. Good part is, they like me, bad part is Rock Band for Old Men are still playing. I will curl up really tight and very intensely pretend this is not happening.

Sweet relief, they are gone. Someone is eating small pretzels. This is very unnerving, because they are very much like dry dog food. Smell like it too a bit. I am getting hungry. Pondering whether I should beg for some food from any random person here. They’d probably give me some, but then I’d become fat and unfit for rock concerts. Will sleep until the main act starts.

Checked Google the other day while the human thought I was randomly playing with his tablet. Found out Black Bartók are made up of former members of Hangmás, plus some other people on whom I could not get more precise information, because the human came in and I had to pretend I was chewing the tablet randomly. This is good though, nice mixture of indie and electro, with just a little noise added. Lead singer really energetic too, which is a great feat given the fact that, although it’s getting pretty late and there’s a Danube breeze coming, it’s still still hot. Hope they’ll have more songs soon, to fill up an entire evening.

The tip of my tail is itching, and I’m thinking I could chase it- but that’s movement, and I am not so much inclined to it right now. Crazy humans are dancing around in front of the stage though, drinking the foul beverages. This will not end well. It’s getting considerably more hectic than Thomas Dybdahl, which is not a bad thing. There is a place and time for everything in this world. Am getting philosophical. It’s either the heat or the hunger. I assume both. 

The concert is over, the ones left in front of the stage want the band back, but the band does not return. They really should have more songs, that’d be grand. They will play Bánkitó festival soon, if you’re not the sound engineer’s dog, I say you should go. I won’t be able to make it, since my job ties me to the roof terrace of A38. I can’t complain though, it’s the best office one can get. Plus I’m still not an Egyptian cat. 

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