Hangmás@ Nagy-Szín-Pad

Oh Lord! Not another talent show- well, it isn’t, it’s something a bit more exciting than that: 15 already (mostly) popular bands fight it out to make it to the main stage of this summer’s major Hungarian festivals, with the winner getting to open for none else but the magnificent Arctic Monkeys at this year’s VOLT. The TOP 5 will also headline the MR2-Petőfi stage on Sziget and the top 3 are planned to be exported to festivals abroad. To make everything even cooler, the events (semifinals and final) take place in that beloved staple of Budapest nightlife-Akvárium and the whole thing is beamed into outer space by Petőfi Radio and m2. And it’s also sponsored by „my” bank’s Junior account, which I was passionately sapping for money to spend on Sziget when I was younger and, I would say more restless, but penniless is the better word. So a bit of nostalgia there too.

And since the semifinals are taking place this week (May 20-22), here is the photo coverage of the band I’ll give my vote for, because they’re amazing as a live act- and I kind of think their style would be best matched to the Monkeys. Which should be a criteria, though I assume it won’t.

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