As an inveterate Seinfeldian, I felt compelled to somehow go in the direction of this blog being one about nothing, but then everybody says that these days, and this most definitely is a blog about something(s). Inconsequential something(s) which happen to me and to the blog’s industrious co-photographer, who escaped being a boyfriend of Instagram because I hate to have my picture taken, so I only terrorize him into shooting everything else. (He occasionally takes selfies though, as illustrated above.)

The purpose is not clear either, perhaps some sort of diary which might contain information on things we care about (travel, books, architecture, music, very importantly cats) that may come in handy to other travelers on the seas of the world wide web. If this be the case, I am (unbeknownst to me) very glad I could help. Pictures can also be used if credited back to the site.

Finally, all articles on this blog were written purely and simply because I felt like it. While we might occasionally and almost accidentally attend an event for free, none of the content is sponsored or paid for, and all praise or criticism is the result of our independent judgement, for better or worse.