Tumblr and Pinterest are filled with the major inspirational quote of how Paris is always a good idea, which might even be the case, but I have come to the laboured conclusion that London is just better. Or it’s maybe the English major speaking in me, who when faced with Trafalgar square for the first time went: well I know this place- cause every corner of it popped up in one of my textbooks at some point. Or maybe the wisdom of really not giving a damn about the weather anymore- it rains, so what, give me some Tower Bridge in the doom and gloom.

Or maybe it’s the beer- it does cost a fortune, but who cares, when some of it does taste like liquid gold (Paris really gets blown out of the water on this one). And maybe it’s the concerts, illustrated below with, sadness beyond all sadness, mobile phone footage of The Horrors- those mean hearted people at the Troxy sent my camera in exile. And I will give in here and admit that there is a special charm in just focusing on the music and not your angles- or I just got all exalted because it was The Horrors. In London. The best of ideas.

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