Follow the Green Rabbit-Vienna for a Day

Really, honestly, I have no excuse. ( I faintly remember being told not to start sentences with really. Or were those but and/or because?) I just looked back onto this post and I realized I had not written anything about this particular weekend in Vienna. I might have been lazy (happens), or I might just have thought pictures of Vienna speak for themselves (they do).

What I very clearly recall is that the weather was lovely (though in Vienna even rain is charming), it was that time that we finally had some cocktails in the Loos Bar (maybe slightly disappointing as compared to other places of the same repute), we sunbathed on my favourite (strangely comfortable) plastic implements in MuseumsQuartier and had breakfast in Café Westend (as our beloved Ciro had already been relegated to the shelves of the past), where the menu looked like a bat signal.

Also, the green rabbit made me particularly excited, because I somehow imagined that it’s actually the white rabbit, but he was in such furious hurry that he fell in some absinthe or chartreuse (note how the idea of green paint did not even occur to me, given it contains no alcohol). And I’ve also overused parentheses- which perhaps makes sense, given how the days spent away from home are more than often happy breaks in the even flow of one’s everyday life.

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