A Caturday Post

Since life is basically what happens to you between two sessions of browsing cat pictures on the Internet,  I thought I’d enrich the online treasure trove and share some shots of the freshest addition to our cat clan (read:the entities ruling our household with an iron paw).
Flex came into the word as a Felix, but in the Finnish tradition of studying the youngling and providing it with a befitting name, it was decided that Flex is far more descriptive of his rather dynamic personality. The kind of catsonality which lands on your laptop out of the blue, unstopabbly types out a shortish communique to his underlings and bellows his soul out to let you know he’s there. A natural born tyrant, therefore.
He’s nevertheless strangely well behaved in front of the camera, but after all tyrants do love to have their pictures taken- so instead of Kim Jong Un looking at things, this is Flex not looking at anything in particular because he’s already deciphered the meaning of life- all cats have, but they keep mum about it. 
While he was was doing his best impression of a Vogue spread or, alternatively offering himself as the ideal prop for next year’s IKEA catalogue, his mother, Lizzie was watching on with that doubtful look of ‘I’ve made this thing and I’m afraid I can’t take it back’.  Though she’s probably pretty smug about him deep down, since, of all her offspring, he’s the first to share her splendid black and white coat. 














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