Arad/50 mm

I might claim that my project of shooting one day in Arad strictly with the 50 mm lens was a great artistic endeavour of which I thought long and hard and which was aimed at revealing something in particular about the town I’ll always fondly call home.  The truth is, I was lazy. Lazy to take the other lenses to me, lazy to change them according to my subject, just lazy in general because we set out on a very fine autumn day, which the weather gods had proclaimed to be the last but one very fine day of the year in general.
The next step was convincing myself that this is actually great, and will give disparate yet oft photographed subjects a kind of coherence which, as a rule,  lacks from both my person and what I might overblownly call my ouevre. Though I’ve recently read that nothing makes us more human than our capacity to firmly hold contradicting beliefs. Therefore I will claim that I both meant and did not mean this whole thing, and it both makes some sense- or none at all. 


























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