Liberty Bridge Meets the Sunset

Liberty Bridge is by all means the best positioned in Budapest for ridiculously perfect sunset pictures, with a bit of help from Gellért Hill. The other presentable bridges have the sunset view blocked by the Buda hills, whereas Petőfi and Lágymánosi (yes, I know, this one has a ridiculous new name I will blatantly disregard) bridge are eyesores by themselves and need nothing more to ruin their views.
But Liberty bridge is in the fortunate position of having the hill slope exactly where it lands on the Buda side, thus enabling spectacular sunset action to be directly visible from the bridge itself, and from the Pest side too. The fact that a slightly retro looking tram occasionally rattles through it from the sunset and that it’s generally as pretty a bridge as the best bridges can get calls for above mentioned ridiculous shots, of which you never tire, because perfect alignments remain a wonder each time they happen.










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