The Elusive Snow on Sziget Post

If you follow and read this blog you might now me as the lazy photographer, as I was labeled so by the not so lazy other one. The thing is, I am not lazy I just take it easy maann.
Snow on Sziget, it all began couple of years ago when we decided to take a little hike on the island. Now when you hear Sziget, lots of things come to mind, most of which are very accurate. But random and ordinary are not among those things. And yet, when we went to island that is exactly what it was. A random and ordinary park. Nothing special just people walking their dogs or having a lazy walk on a weekend. I know that was my fault as I had this unreasonable excitement of going to the island. And I knew there would not be any activities or excitement, but still…  one would expect the rest of the 51 weeks to be at least to some degree as exciting as that one magical week!
In the mist of disappointment of ordinary, an idea struck me. To come and photograph every season on Sziget . Lovely autumn scene full of colours and leaves, a snowy winter and lovely spring. (Summer is the festival time so it has already been photographed) And with this thought we have started visiting the island every third month. All accomplished except one small glitch. Winter. Or snow to be more precise, or the lack of it to be absolutely exact!  There was no snowfall in the last three winters. All we had was wet, cold and grey meh. That’s it, just annoying meh for winter. All that until this last weekend. When opportunity finally presented itself as two hours of heavy-ish snowfall.  The next day I have dressed in layers of super protective, heat insulating arctic clothing and ventured off to the wilderness of snowy Sziget.
Now, this was not random and ordinary. Everything and everywhere was covered in white fluff. Everywhere I looked, I remembered hot summer days of magical week and how people would be so carefree enjoying themselves under the hot sun. Where the main stage is, the A38 stage, the world music stage… I could almost see people dancing on the snow in their shorts and swimming suits. Next time I am on Sziget, when I would be looking at people partying like there is no tomorrow, I would be remembering these cold white moments and enjoy the contrast to my bones.

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