Fifteen Millimetres of Pure White Snow

So it’s Friday morning and you notice a layer of snow and frost, and you know all too well this won’t last, because the climate is slowly becoming borderline sub-tropical with delusions of being continental, but you’re feeling somewhat sub-tropical yourself, as in very relaxed and not in a rush to do anything, most poignantly not in a rush to go out and take pictures when it’s minus something.
It’s therefore a godsend when the family decides to go on a shopping round and you can tag along and dash out into the cold for the very brief time of snapping a few shots and contentedly commenting that it’s not that freezing after all-the prospect of immediate warmth generally takes away the bite of winter weather.So here are results of said odd-defying expedition of breathtaking bravery, also known as how to make the most of a few square metres of snow in less then five minutes.










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