For the Love of Mondays: Thomas Dybdahl A38 sessions at GMK

Mondays have bad press: they’re like the Pol Pot of weekdays- as such, I always felt tender compassion for the week’s most detested day since, unlike Pol Pot, Mondays are entirely innocent.  They can’t be blamed for our deep seated hatred of work and ill-adjustment to life in general. They just happen each week and hope every now and then somebody’s going to be happy about them. Like someone who is on holiday- how predictable, or someone who is going to a concert- a bit less so.
So this Monday we flocked to Gozsdu Manó Klub for an acoustic session with Thomas Dybdahl-he hails from Norway, as did most of the groupie-shaped attendance of the concert. So this might very well be the place where we draw sophisticated conclusions on how Budapest must be totally attractive to Norwegian Erasmus students who can fund their entire week’s expenses from what they would spend on a pint or two in Oslo.
To keep us entertained and involved in the ’nobody loves Monday’ subject, Thomas was perfectly convinced it’s Tuesday.Though, as it has been extensively covered in Seinfeld, Tuesday has no feel, so it’s hard to tell how Thomas decided it would be Tuesday, but so he did, until he was faced with the reality of it being a Monday. It’s probably the point where the matter becomes a bit tiring, so we will refrain from further dissecting it, and remark that overall it was a very pleasant concert.
Pleasant here is not British politeness, but a really heartfelt adjective. As we already learned on Sziget during Passenger’s concert, sometimes all you need is a musician with a guitar- yes, we are being gender neutral (how Scandinavian of us) and therefore a bit stiff sounding here, but boys and girls are just as welcome. Furthermore, lone musicians with guitars, since they are left much to their own devices on stage, are generally pretty good entertainers as well- there’s a particular charm to sad ballads inter-spread with small nuggets of hilarity. 
So instead of ridiculously and senselessly hating Mondays- just find some great things to do, like maybe going to a concert, preferably involving bearded Norwegian men with guitars. A total recipe for success.

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