My Own Private Sakura

Of course everybody’s got a camera these days, or at least a smart phone with one, so the Internet is aflood with yay-blossoms-blooming-trees-spring-is-here-yay shots.I have of course already admitted to being week minded enough to not resist a pretty flower, but these blooms are most special to me, because they come from my grandmother’s garden. 
They’re definitely not Japanese cherry trees, some of them might qualify in some sort of sour cherry league, but otherwise they belong mostly to the staple fruit tree of our part of the world: the plum tree. 
For the plum is, as we all know, a source of life: you can eat the fruit as it is, make it into jam or, most importantly, turn it into brandy. To top all these fabulous facts, it’s pretty as hell in spring and gives a pretty shade in summer. 
And if I want to make really sure that I’m home, I’ll just peer up to the sky and notice lots of planes flying away over the plum blossoms- our airport might be tiny, but our sky is a boulevard.



















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