Blink 182 @ Sziget 2014

The co-editor of the blog made it clear that we must be impartial and inform all those interested that he thought Blink 182 were great. He did not further elaborate as to why they were great, so we can only conclude that some people will always be transported to their high school/college years by Blink, which is of course a great thing if you can still palate fart jokes- of which there were plenty.
It did transpire later that the days of Blink 182 and Korn were the weakest visitor-wise for Sziget this year, so we should be prepared for ever more DJ with flames silliness on the main stage. In which case I say, to hell with it, let us have more of Blink, for the sake of diversity if not for anything else, and I will just try to focus on my beer, I mean Travis Barker, who is still one hell of a drummer, irrespective of what suspicious stuff he might be drumming along to. (Such as a Steve Aoki song, whose infernal VOLT concert will haunt us to our graves.)

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