Best Concerts of Sziget #4: La Roux

La Roux had the seemingly daunting task of going head to head with Calvin Harris spitting fire on the main stage. Sure enough, halfway through her performance there were apocalyptic sounds coming from behind the A38 tent- not Harris himself mercifully, but the deafening rumble of the fireworks being shot into the great wide open. A few weak minded Sziget dwellers did dutifully run to the edge of the tent, but it probably serves as a compliment to La Roux that very few people actually went out, most of them returning promptly after briskly inspecting the celestial spectacle.

This was La Roux’s second Sziget show, and as the first was somewhat of a disappointment, I was a bit apprehensive about it, but it took only 10 seconds into the first song to realize that this was to be another class of show altogether. The very first thing that strikes you is how much more confident she is- the laboured process which led to her second album seems to have paid off as she belted out dancefloor favourite after dancefloor favourite to a crowd that never stopped moving. It was the perfect concert for the closing evening- a self assured performance from an artist slowly but surely growing into an alternative cult figure.


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