Wonders of Tihany

Truth be said, I am not much of a Balaton person. I would never imagine it as the location of a summer holiday for it is, most definitely, a lake and as such misses those crucial elements of a seaside, such as the salt breeze and the rumble of the waves. The water is also a tad too muddy for me to be able to revel in it and lying on a slab of asphalt alongside aforementioned muddy water doesn’t add anything positive to the experience. Tihany on the other hand is absolutely marvelous for a day break, or even a long weekend in early summer: the views are stunning (finally an advantage of the mud, it reflects light quite nicely), flowers are relentlessly blooming and fruit is ripening in every yard, the food is hearty and affordable and it all smells of lavender. Not your grandma’s cupboard lavender, but the crisp, free scent of it growing in meadows and glades.




























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