Party with the Potatoes: Gorillaz Sound System @ Budapest Essentials Urban Festival

There was a bit of apprehension on people’s faces as they walked onto the main aisle of the Great Market Hall on Saturday evening, and quite a lot of it on the faces of the few grocers who had their stands open throughout the Gorillaz Sound System DJ set. So technically it was more than possible to purchase your lettuce and turnips and then join the party- the resident Brits went for some tomatoes, which they mercifully consumed on the spot and did not use to express dissatisfaction with whatever was happening onstage.
For the idea of the show in the Market Hall was genuinely innovative, but the final result fell a bit flat, as Gorrillaz Sound System did not particularly deliver whatever was expected of them. There were some thumping beats and a light show, but not enough monkey business to make it truly special. 


One could not help but imagine that Damon Albarn crooning away at a piano behind the carrots would have been more entertaining, which is of course normal, since he is more entertaining than your average mortal by default. And the feathered headdress of the main DJ would have been oh-so amazing on Jarvis Cocker lazily cruising down the aisles in a shopping cart- now that is something to be planned for next year in some downtown supermarket.













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