George Ezra @ Budapest Essentials Urban Festival

So this is what happens to you when you sit in Bristol and decide to write a song about a random European city, ostensibly because it sounds good. Well yes, Budapest does sound good.And luckily so does the song, therefore the people of the city immediately take to you as an unsung hero of their hometown, to which you’ve never been to. 
The above scenario made George Ezra hurtle in a train (why not?) over much of the continent, to end up in Budapest’s Hello Baby, out of all places. The decision to have him play in that location might be questionable and he does sound a bit raw still, but there is much promise in young George, and the already scheduled November date in Akvárium should prove more suitable to both his style and his fans. 
Of course the idea of the Budapest Essentials Urban festival (to which he was invited as an alternative to a Sziget show, as, quite inexplicably, he is unavailable in August)is to make surprising mixes- such as indie youngster with guitar in fancy club. With screaming Dutch scenesters. Right, that actually does sound a bit like Sziget all over, so, maybe in the end all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

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