Supermoon over Budapest

When the headlines are filled with the unmentionable US president elect, the New Zealand earthquake and Brexit, it’s quite refreshing to see something less doom-related make it to the front pages- though, come to think of it, a super moon might possibly trigger a zombie or werewolf apocalypse by the way things are going these days. (Also, in a sign that the times they are a’changing, as another more pleasant headline maker, Bob Dylan, would say, Greece is dabbling out of recession, but nobody seems to care that much anymore.)

The above mentioned useful headlines thus informed us that this November’s full moon is a super moon, or, in more technical terms a perigee full moon, a phenomenon which happens when the full moon coincides with the the moon being closest to us on its orbit, and the one we could glimpse last night, weather providing, was the shiniest in 60 years. (Lots of further useful technicalities, which I read in the coziness of my home instead of actually going out to look at the moon itself here.)

However, in a pretty shocking development, our blog’s now ridiculously industrious photographer, electrified by the fact that Budapest’s skies were very unlike those in Finland, braved the November chill to came back with the below photo material, of the super moon casting its silvery light over Budapest. Also, since it’s now morning and the zombie apocalypse seems to have been averted for the time being, the worst has not come to pass, also, in Japan they fix giant sink holes in two days. There is still hope in this world, yes there is.


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