Best Concerts of Sziget 2015: #6 MØ

Speaking of reviews that blow your fuse, the other day I accidentally bumped into one which had the exquisite talent of calling MØ Diplo’s little protegee, thus graciously wiping out the existence of a sea of fabulous music that existed before MØ kindly agreed to make Diplo’s endeavours marginally interesting, if only for the length of a song. (Here I also insert a small rant where I growl about how Diplo doesn’t get to be called M.I.A.’s little protege, on account of his having a Y chromosome as opposed to her two Xs).
It was of course one of those ‘I want to say everything about Sziget in twenty sentences’ pieces which we all know will never work, but I still find it completely off the mark to judge MØ, or any artist for that matter, based on a guest performance. For the thing is, each and every song on her debut album, No Mythologies to Follow, is a better one than Lean On and very many established artists should envy the confidence with which the young Dane delivers her music. Looking at her immediately connecting with the audience and transporting them to the world of her tunes is electrifying and makes it look very easy- when of course it is anything but that.
Nothing about her music is little- and we can only hope that even bigger things lie ahead of her. And if you’ve heard Lean On one time too many for the comfort of your soul and want to feel really pristine and cool again, try playing MØ’s collaboration with Elliphant- One More. Unfortunately we cannot get one more of MØs concerts in the near future (and I was stupid enough to miss last year’s A38 boat concert), but you can always check out Elliphant in Akvárium on September 24th.











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