April Random #2

How on earth did we make it to May already- complaining about time flying by fast is a sure sign of getting old, I guess, but this April seems to have been particularly good at happening really intensely. We hardly had any daffodils and tulips around, and then out of the blue it was flowers everywhere, cherry trees in full bloom, then suddenly the lilac joined in and now most trees already have their summer leaves ready.
Mornings were still chilly, but often allowed for spectacular cloud action and the afternoons were warm enough for dinners al fresco and the first Pántlika burger of the season. Sunsets weren’t half bad either, and there are very few things quite as enjoyable as idling around town in the evening when it’s warm and you don’t really need a sweater anymore.
End of April also means it’s time for the Budapest book festival, which means I buy at least one book too many for my own good, but more often than not a  small library of them.


Then there’s the list of things I still have not done in Budapest, so to tick one off the list, I ventured into the Agricultural Museum in Vajdahunyad castle. It was quite, erm, interesting, as a Brit would say. Almost literary. Like a page from a horror novel where the heroine gets stuck in a labyrinth of half successful taxidermy and never resurfaces to see the light of day. Mercifully I did, but I will think long and hard before venturing in there again. The stained glass windows are lovely though.


































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