Yelle @ A38

After waxing lyrical yesterday about the presence of space in Icelandic music, today I should tackle another rather country specific sound, namely French electro. Allowing myself a gross generalization, since it’s Friday and I can claim I’m mentally tired or something, French electro generally sounds more cerebral than it’s Anglo-Saxon counterpart, but is not as rigidly engineered as the German one. So it’s the kind of music you can admit to listening to without compromising the pretence of a sophisticated taste, but it’s so much fun nonetheless.
Reading through the French press (another one of those sophisticated things you can do on a Friday), it does however seem that Yelle is apparently more successful abroad then in her homeland, and not sparing you the well nobody is a prophet in their own country part, I can only confirm that the Budapest crowd definitely loved her.


It probably helps that she’s one of those artists who don’t consider electro to be an excuse to sit behind a keyboard and/or Mac, but music that should be performed and especially danced to. The fact that she does it all in splendid red metallic leggings is just the icing on the cake.
















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