Procrastinator’s Log 0121

The log is BACK.

It dawned me that I procrastinated the log for the past months for the very reason I procrastinate everything else- I have the attention span of a Labrador puppy, and writing the damn thing just lasted way too much.

So from now on I will stick to this fancy thing people call curating, but I’ll call being lazy. Ten things+ ten images each month, trying to distill the essence of it. Here we go.

The only houseplant I can successfully keep alive is a zombie.

Before Elaine I would almost always identify with the male character of a story, because they were just cooler, funnier, better written. But then Elaine came along and she was, and still is, as perfect as she is flawed. And also utterly, uniquely hilarious and cool.

I dream about travelling a lot these days (as in I dream a lot, and about a lot of traveling). There are many places I’d love to visit again, and one of them is Bosnia (spoiler, includes brooding music and spomeniks).

I am sure that you will be delighted to discover that the world’s shortest scheduled passenger route by plane is from Westray to Papa Westray , on Scotland’s Orkney Islands.

The first original casette tape I ever bought was, somewhat randomly, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA. I, somewhat randomly, remembered this when I stumbled upon the gem below.

I hate frogs but love to procrastinate, so apparently what I need to do, in the useful life hacks section, is eat the frog. I have tried, mostly failed, here is a goal for February then.

Obviously I had to jump on the Bernie bandwagon, or perhaps I have been on it all my life, as I can completely identify with someone having cold hands and being mildly to severely bored by official proceedings. We have all seen and even made some memes, but here is an insightful conversation with the man who took the actual picture,

I love the fact that director Chloe Zhao’s Wiki entry specifies that she lives in LA with three chickens and two dogs. Watching her most recent film, Nomadland, I also decided that they should be joined by at least one Oscar.

If I have learned anything as a Central European, it’s that anyone talking about ethnic or racial purity is a deluded fool. We come from everywhere and are a bit of everything, and are all the more wonderful for that.

As a Juventus fan, I might have picked the occasional mental fight with Herbie Sykes over his recent book, Juve!, but in the end I had to admit that it’s an intriguing tale of not only one club, but also of a nation and a bit more than a century of its history. Plus it’s a good reason to hang out on Youtube watching old football videos, such as this one of Omar Sivori (who was absolutely tiny, I can’t help but think he would have been completely outmuscled by today’s physical defending).

Signing off with a playlist, the one song a day project I amazingly only cheated on a couple of times (as in, added a song a day or so later).

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