Best Concerts of Sziget 2017: #11 The Kills


In times of great boredom (the drama of our age: the more means of entertainment we have, the more dissatisfied with life we become), I like to follow my favourite bands on Instagram. This in spite of the fact that with a few notable exceptions (Astronautalis takes great shots and Cat’s Eyes are quirky and fun) the content is absolutely unspectacular. Band on stage at some festival, promo shot of band taken by some very famous bloke who always uses the same angles, band meets some fans, band advertises soft drink which, when consumed, will make you feel like you’re in the band when you’re actually stuck in your morning commute and hating every atom of the universe.

It is therefore always delightful to discover a profile which, as the two above mentioned ones, is genuinely interesting, not only because it belongs to what we like to call a celebrity of some sorts, who projects the semblance of a perfect existence, but because it reflects the actual existence of an imperfect human being, who happens to be able to sing or play the guitar. Enter Alison Mosshart, who, alongside Jamie Hince makes up The Kills, and they’ve been touring extensively this summer, including several shows in Eastern Europe and a longer stop in Budapest. Yes, they’ve roamed the city in an endearingly touristy manner, getting acquainted with the yellow metro, the infamous Michael Jackson memorial and then there’s Jamie with white wine and stationery and it’s all sorts of awesome.

You might thus assume that they’re some kind of sunny people friendly pop act, and you’d be awfully wrong, for why would they be called The Kills then? What’s in a name, they say, well in this name there is genuine rock’n roll, and the kind of swagger only the best guitar music can bring. The kind which makes Alison Mosshart look like she means it when she flicks out a cigarette, the kind which makes Jamie’s strutting around with the guitar look frankly sexy. All that despite being called Jamie, which is really the least rock’n roll name I can think of- alongside Pete perhaps, and I really wanted to leave ex-wife Kate Moss out of it, but must here mention her penchant for rock stars with silly names.

Alison is a good name though- I am on a roll with poignant remarks here, so you’ll be glad to further find out that there is a clear chemistry between the two of them as well, like they really enjoy each other’s company, which is something underrated when it comes to judging great bands. People who think alike will play alike, and their joint energies will rub off to the crowd. 4 PM is not traditionally known as the most rock’n roll time of the day, but if you’re spending it with The Kills, it will suddenly feel like it.


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