Barlove: Blaznavac Kafe-bar

I have these grand ideas every now and then, which look shiny and beautiful, and I promise myself I’ll start working on them, tomorrow, and soon they will be born and when materialized, will be as shiny as beautiful as the original thought.  Doing a photographic review of my favourite haunts is such an idea, and I have been toying if for a long long time. And now I sort of started it- not because I have a cast iron will, but accidentally, because I liked a Belgrade spot so much, and many pictures of it were taken. Now comes the hard part, of course- sticking to the project, but before all that, here is Blaznavac in all it’s glory.

I generally like reading in coffee houses and bars- I’m one of those savages you see sprawled alone at a comfy table for four, lost in some roman fleuve that might keep them in that corner until the next geological era. So I was more than delighted when in Belgrade’s Blaznavac I found a pretty lengthy read right in the menu. Given that I’d had a couple of drinks and felt bold and reckless, I even ventured into the Cyrillic version of the tale, which accounts the many (mis)adventures of General Milivoje Petrović Blaznavac, who might have been a prince’s illegitimate son, and most definitely alienated the fiancee of another.

I won’t ruin your day with spoilers, there is an English version available as well, which you might dig into while waiting for your drink. For that part I suggest a dark Nikšićko, which is one of the rare breeds of mainstream beers that actually have some personality.  Or you can go for the cocktails, though we have not tried those- top travel tip: always skip something really exciting, so you have a good reason to be back.
Further to the drinks, you might go for the grand tour of the establishment, which includes alligators, horses, elephants, tigers, sharks, obviously Gavrilo Princip and an octopus-like creature staring at you from the bathroom ceiling. 















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