Wednesday Pleasures- More Names for Sziget 2016

The last bigger Sziget line up announcement has just landed, and as the weather gets ever hotter and nicer, and hopefully less stormy (though what is Sziget without a major soak), the thought has to sink in: it’s festival season, time to dig out onesies, wellingtons and flowery headbands- all apply to both genders and to all Szitizens in between.
But before all that, let’s see what is on offer when it comes to newly announced names. Editors are back, and they will be playing A38, which is double great. They have of course been to Budapest in December, and those who occasionally end up on this blog might remember the raving review we gave them, alongside the raving review we gave to their Sziget set back in 2013, so yes, it’s likely we’ll be raving come August too. And although they were brilliant in the later afternoon-early evening slot on the Main Stage as well, a proper evening slot on the A38 stage suits them better. Our extensive Editors track record has also brought us to the pleasant position of being able to illustrate this post with their shots exclusively.
Mind you- there might be some shots of The Chemical Brothers on record too, but raiding the archives is not necessarily the easiest thing to do on a Wednesday morning. Suffice to say, the Brothers are back and that’s great news, because as we’ve mentioned it before, we kind of miss electronic music with something meaningful to say. Or, better put, we needed to believe in something. Also, their last record, Born in the Echoes, an impressive eight, was a definite return to that kind of form which makes them one of the most relevant bands in the history of dance music. And there are very few things more exciting than a great band reinventing itself while also staying fundamentally the same.
Another empty slot on the Main Stage was filled with Tinie Tempah, and while we might not be the biggest fiends of this genre, British rappers such as Dizzee Rascal have generally been super enjoyable so we’re looking forward to the chapter Tinie can add to this story.
Alongside Editors, the OTP Bank A38 stage will also welcome BOY– naturally a Swiss-German duo of girls. We did the youtube raid on them, and it turned up a twee video shot in Barcelona, reminding us of the splendid time we had sipping mojitos in a Cuban bar in Raval and roaming on the Barceloneta beach wrapped in the flag of one of the local teams, we’ll leave the wild guess of which up to you. The video also contains pigeons! The music itself is perfect H&M background music, inducing urges of buying that flowery top because you never know when you’ll need it to sip mojitos in.
BØRNS we like out of sheer concept of having an ø in his stage name (he’s real name is actually Garret Borns), which makes the number of people spelling their name with ø suddenly spike to double on the island. (The other one being MØ of course.) In case Sziget wants to focus on people who involve quirky Scandinavian letters in their name, we can recommend the lovely Låpsley (Holly Lapsley Fletcher) who makes ridiculously great electro at the ridiculous age of 19. Also we might reconsider naming the blog Pøcket Diåry Buðapest.
Other names added to the A38 line up include Wiwek, Snails, Maduk ft. MC Mota, Noisia ‘Outer Edges‘ and Kasra whom we will give the youtube treatment prior to the festival, as discovering new names is always great fun, while Jay Hardway,Volt&State, Fedde Le Grand, D-Wayne, Tujamo and Laidback Luke, playing in the Telekom Party Arena will be left to those whose cup of tea, or more likely can of energy drink, they are.






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