Best of 2015- Cats

I was a cat fiend way before the domestic feline became the absolute ruler of the internet. I don’t know how it came to pass, but I just never liked dogs, albeit the first pet I recall was actually our mongrel Vuk (a dog named after a fox called wolf, what can I say), who was ridiculously afraid of thunder and lightning. The scent of his wet fur as he lay shuddering under my chair is still one of the definitive smells of my childhood- but that was Vuk, and he was followed by no other dog in my graces.
Next in line is a cat, Gombóc Artúr (Ignáciusz Bonifác, because he was, as all better cats, an aristocrat and needed an army of names), who got his moniker after a bird who likes all sorts of chocolate, whereas Artúr the cat loved all sorts of meat. But mostly, he was a great philosopher, one of those souls always at rest, always perfectly attuned to the universe.  He was then followed by small cats, large cats, lazy cats, sloppy cats, angry cats, despondent cats, loner cats, vagabond cats, deranged cats- a long line of majestic creatures leading to the minute tyrant of today.
This present ruler of the realm is slightly disgustedly eyeing me as I write this, because oh so obviously, I would be so much better off if I paid her considerably more attention than I do. All my attention, if possible, since according to my father she is a super evil scheming bastard condensed in a tiny ball of black and white fur.
She might be particularly cross that this post is not all about her, as it should be, but contains a random assortment of felines of whom she violently disapproves. Or would do so, if she were awake, but she just decided to give up on her grand plan to take over the world, and went back to sleep. Cats are fickle like that.
This cat in Arad is somewhat upset to be caught red pawed in a foreign garden


Our neighbour’s cat doesn’t give a damn about being caught red pawed in our shed


My friend Ildi’s cat just realized shades of pastel suit him and became pensive


This Greek cat knows that all Greek cats must muse philosophically about the sense of life


This Greek cat is not certain what the sense of life is, but suspects it might be souvlaki


This Greek cat is severely unimpressed
This Greek cat is unhappy with the state of its country’s economy and demands foreign help with feeding


This is the Minotaur of Knossos


This is the drawing of a cat, and my own cat thinks it makes no sense here whatsover


My cat’s grandson pondering the tragedies of being a black cat


My cat’s granddaughter being smug that she’s not black


A cat in Istanbul proving that she’s more relaxed than Greek cats


This Turkish cat likes milk, while knowing all too well that most adult cats are lactose intolerant


This Turkish cat is auditioning for the cover of Vogue magazine


This Istanbul cat wants to prove that ear hair is the next must have hipster accessory


This Turkish cat is being nonchalant while being outed as an LSD dealer


My cat was telling me I really shouldn’t read instead of busying myself with her maintenance


My cat demands she be in Vogue as well


This cat in Szentendre will not be disturbed by your useless nonsense


This cat by the Turkish seaside likes everything that is blue

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