The Red Bull Air Race Post

Thought we’d let a bit of time pass before posting the Air Race shots, since it caused so much emotion among the dwellers of the fair city of Budapest. Many went into full blown irate mode cursing everyone from the local authorities to the maker of the known and unknown universes over the (insert vicious expletive here) noise the planes made over the weekend. 
While I’m not going to argue that there wasn’t any disturbance in the force, I would not go as far as to say it ruined my life. Since it was a very hot weekend, I had the luck of sleeping with my windows open and it was not the planes to wake me up either during the day or night, but people having loud arguments in the street, screaming their heads off drunk or having their dogs bark themselves into furious oblivion at each other. And these will never go away, whereas the race lasts a weekend, brings people to Budapest and yes there’s tiny planes flying under the Chain Bridge. 
So there, we quite enjoyed it, in spite of the (insert vicious expletive here) noise, the (insert vicious expletive here) heat and the (insert most vicious expletive here) Central European addiction to deep frying everything. I won’t complain about the beer, although I normally would, because that could be purchased from the nearby Czech beer festival, which made supporting the deliciously named Czech pilot (Sonka means ham in Hungarian) the most natural thing to do.
























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