Harcsa Veronika & Gyémánt Bálint @Puskin u. 15

The fact that Budapest’s courtyards hide many secrets may not be a secret to many .(My excuse for this horrible pun is Monday, of course.)  Usually you need to be on the lookout for them, eyes wide open, and maybe just maybe you stumble on one. But sometimes, quite rarely, to be frank, the secrets come to you on their own accord.  Like when a friend invites you to a small courtyard concert with one of the country’s most wonderful voices echoing through the winding staircases of the old building on a hot June afternoon.

The ’guerrilla’ concert was organized to support the renovation of Puskin utca 15, a lovely old house ensconced between the Italian cultural institute and ELTE’s faculties on the edge of the Palace district. And as luck would have it, it turned out that the yard isn’t half bad when it comes to acoustics. So who knows, it might look forward to a bright future as an unusual concert venue. The beginning was very promising, to say the least.



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