The Island when it’s not the ISLAND- Spring Edition

So now the Island pretty much looks the part- though, of course, by mid August the sun will have burnt the greens into submission. We even found the Csónakház open, so we could soak up the sun with some beers in tow, which is of course a very Sziget feeling if there was any. The Danube, on the other hand, looms much larger than it usually does by the end of summer, so the beach area feels a bit post-apocalyptic. 
That did not stop people from frying  some steaks on the shore, stirring up fond memories of the international food area, tantalizing people into insanity right opposite the Main Stage. Well, yes, Proust poetically had a madeleine, but we shall settle for slabs of meat- no madeleine could fuel a night out in the madness of the island.



































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