Caribou @ A38

In this autumn season of many delights, I was about to skip Caribou, but then of course you have friends to pester you into going and there was that 9/10 review in NME which piqued my interest. So I duly started listening to the lavishly praised “Our Love’, and it was quite alright. The opening track positively electrified me and I immediately sent it to my ever growing best of 2014 playlist. But then I somehow failed to truly connect to the rest of the album- yet, somewhere at the back of my mind a thought hovered: these might be exactly the type of songs that need to be played on stage to really come alive.

And I can now confirm that my presumption proved correct- I would even venture into saying that the live version is the true test of electronic music. It’s often maligned as machine sounds produced by a knob turning some other knobs, but the better kind connects to some subconscious switch in your mind that can’t always be accessed otherwise. If last Sunday Enter Shikari made the boat quite positively rock, Caribou just swayed it a little. But that little was magic.

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