Dub FX in Erzsébet Square

There was much comotion on Erzsébet square yesterday evening when the senior citizens of the area could not walk their minute dogs through it, Japanese tourists could not take satisfactory pictures of the fountain and all decent beer was gone in no time from the shelves of the closest supermarket. The reason behind this horror being an impromptu- well, in case you can call something trumpeted on Facebook for a day or so improptu- Dub FX gig.

Beyond the obvious excitement level-and somewhat futile satisfaction of having grabbed one of the last cans of proper beer- the gig itself drew a bit too many people to be thoroughly enjoyable. Though as far as street performances go, it’s kind of normal to have the sound system malfunction now and again and there’s always a fat bloke obstructing the view. So I guess I’ll just stop grumbling and admit there’s lots of cool stuff happening in Budapest these days- which was about time and I raise my can of fine beer to our city’s bright (musical) present and future.


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