Best Concerts of Sziget 2014 #2: Miles Kane

Miles Kane gets to be The Other Guy a lot. Being the other guy to Alex Turner is of course spectacularly better than being the other guy to say Macklemore, but it’s still grandly unfair. And frankly the best he could expect in Budapest was to be no guy at all- many people crowding the A38 tent had no inkling of either the Rascals or the Last Shadow Puppets and were there only for the party. Which is exactly what they got-it’s a great compliment to Miles Kane’s craft as a songwriter and showman that he could have such a consistently strong show on the tail of only two albums. Well, calling it just strong is pretty much understatement: it started off great, veered into the amazing around half time and ended up being so good it makes you giddy.

Just one of those concert moments that totally suck you in and you keep repeating to yourself, oh Lord, I wish this would never end.I still think it’s unfair to always gloss on Alex Turner when mentioning Miles Kane, but I just could not shake off the thought that there is no way on earth Alex could ever pull off a solo show without looking and sounding awkward as hell. Which is exactly the opposite of Miles Kane- there’s seemingly no effort is his being just cooler than mere mortals and there’s so much raw energy in his reassured cockiness that it gets contagious and you walk around with a stupid grin on your face for several hours after the show. What on earth happened to you, your friends inquire. Miles Fucking Kane.










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