Easter in the Making

I usually had two Easters growing up (one Orthodox, one Protestant, one Romanian, one Hungarian) and I never really discriminated between the two, since they meant twice the excitement of Easter eggs.  It also took some pressure off Easter- if it wasn’t pitch perfect the first time around, there was always the second try.    
Easter would also happen in spring and around my birthday and have all those ancient pagan rites woven into it-it somehow dawned on me in my late childhood, that, going against the tide, I would always prefer Easter over Christmas. 
Dyeing the eggs is a joint family endeavour: I pick the leaves, my mom ties the stocking around the eggs and my dad does the dyeing itself. We’ve never had any other types of eggs, nor do we plan to- the leafy Easter eggs are a part of our family tradition and my childhood, and I will always fondly hold onto them.

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