More of My Neighbourhoods

So I decided to widen my Saturday morning prawling area, and ventured all the way into Erzsébetváros, which given my not always top notch orientation skills is not that hard to do. Having gone on this bold exploration, I learned some very relevant things about my hood(s):

  • Every street will have at least one dog tied to a tree/post/fence patiently or histerically waiting for its owner to finish some errands in an undisclosed location. The smaller the dog, the higher the rate of madness and teeth baring.
  • Erzsébetváros is best suited for loners who idle away their Saturday in the company of their dog and/or beer, as the benches will simply not accomodate two people.
  • Alternatively, the senior member of a small group will sit while everyone is gathered around her, complaining of their backs.
  • There was a writer born on pretty much every street, most likely in the least conspicuous house.
  • Budapest’s grumpiest pigeon lives in Erzsébetváros.
  • There is an insane plum tree on the corner of Jósika street, which is both in bloom and laden with ripe fruit.
  • I am yet to figure out why one of the pastry shops is called Euro Balkan, as their ware is mostly the non-definite average ” pékség”  type. 

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