We Went to Szentendre This Sunday- Basically Because We Could

We’re still a bit in the Sziget comedown phase, which makes things that are not Sziget slightly uninteresting. Szentendre at least has the luck of being on the same HÉV line as Filatorigát, so we could squeak with delight and despair when we passed it.
Sziget jokes put aside, Szentendre is always a treat, a little jewel box of a town by the Danube, a stone throw’s away from the big city. It can get a bit tourist trap-y though in summer, especially in the past years it seems to have been discovered by some major tourist guides and agencies, because the number of aliens roaming its streets has grown exponentially. And as another post-Sziget comedown event, we discovered the hard way that you need to pay for parking in Szentendre’s touristy areas even of Sundays- so here, a very useful travel trip if there ever was one.
Other than that you can still find quiet streets even at noon on a Sunday and there’s some fine dining to be had on the terraces overlooking the Danube. Further entertainment was also offered by the superbly well rounded ginger cat who loitered around the restaurants of the main square being totally, completely and magnificently unbothered.
Reaching that level of unbotheredness definitely requires a lot of skill and native talent, which is mostly available only to felines, and of them, only to the chosen few. Since such skills can hardly be learnt, we were left with reveling in the beauty of the sight, shell shocked as by Lionel Messi’s tricks, seemingly so easy to him, but unattainable to all other living creatures.

















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