The Merry and The Mindless- 30 Seconds to Mars and Steve Aoki at VOLT

If you don’t have one half decent song, worry not. Give them some balloons, their festival going arses love themselves some balloons.


Oh my Gaaawd, JARED! I mean JESUS. 


And here comes JESUS with the Hungarian flag.  So touching. Why do I have an eerie feeling he’ll be playing at least one Hungarian festival next summer too? Hell. All of them. For he is JESUS. I may let him off the hook a little if he turns Soproni into Pilsner Urquell. Or liquid gold.


And then here comes JESUS with a HALO.


JESUS is gone, only to be replaced by Steve Aoki, ready to mash your brains into pulp with some repetitive thumps and oinks. No picture of Steve himself, he’s a bore with a laptop. (He does also try a bit of a Jesus look, but that is sadly less efficient when you’re Asian.)This young man seems to enjoy him just fine though. The follies of youth.


And this young lady got caked. Yes, Steve made her crawl her way up to the stage then smashed a giant whipped cream cake into her face. Her Warholian fifteen seconds. Steve also squirted some champagne onto the audience. Now that’s Freud.


We won’t be hard on her liking Steve, good accessories go a long way.


Flower crowns are a bit yesterday, but you’re forgiven if you do it well.


We love VOLT. Not even JESUS and Steve can spoil it.

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