360 degrees of Budapest

Last year they tried to plant a fancy bar atop the Párizsi store, but it’s success was moderate -and that’s if we’re being moderate ourselves when it comes to the assessment. This year a similar horror should be planted on the infuriatingly smelling Il Bacio di Stile- though I wonder who will be able to enjoy the cool Budapest nights through the fumes of cheap patchouli and when will someone realize that a fancy store should not smell like a roadside restroom.
The good news in all this is that, encouraged by the popularity of Tip Top Bar, the new spot which opened on the terrace of Párizsi, 360 bar, is laid back and thoroughly enjoyable- though, of course, it might get considerably more crowded once the weather settles into summer sunshine. For those fearing the climb to Tip Top, 360 has a a lift, and once up, you can enjoy the view and a delightful cup of coffee.






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