The Praguest City that is not Prague


I remember the first days when Czech import beers started trickling into Hungary- a friend of a friend told us they would be having an event  at the Czech Centre where they might be having beers other than Pilsner Urquell. This propelled us into a frenzy, as little did we know that in a few years’ time Budapest would become pretty much the praguest city that is not Prague.

These days there is a Czech beer joint at every second corner in the central quarters, with a mind-bending range of awesome (and cheap- that’s a hint to you, Belgians) beers, usually accompanied by some hearty Central European food.  

Jaromir is the one closest to where I live, resulting in the natural fact that I’ve never been there. I have however successfully navigated my way to their summer  garden, which is tucked away in the back yard of one of my university’s dorms on Ajtósi Dürer sor, right across the Városliget.  The place has that old school charm that many establishments in the area, such as Pántlika and Kertem, tend to have: good food and drinks, friendly and laid back atmosphere and not so many loud tourists gurgling local beer.


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