Akvárium (Kind of) Reloaded

Erzsébet tér (commonly confused with Deák, as the two basically flow into each other) used to be the home of Gödör, and half the city had a common heart attack when Gödör was kicked out- it’s now in exile in the Central passage, a somewhat unfortunate state of affairs, as Central passage is most definitely not below ground-gödör means hole- and there is a sound and capacity limitation which cramps the club’s style a little. But we’ve all slowly grown accustomed to the fact that the actual hole on Erzsébet is inhabited by Akvárium, which also has concerts and a lovely summer (and spring-autumn) terrace. Last November panic spread again, as we were threatened with the re-building of the area- when the place was re-opened last Sunday it turned out to be pretty much the same, just with shinier stones and a bit more geometrically trimmed trees. And politer waiters it would seem, which was a definite area of improvement, if you ask me.






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