It’s kind of funny when you realize at the end of the season that you should have spent more time in Városliget. I kind of tend to favour Margit Island- mostly because it has a running track, so I go there often out of need- Városliget has lovely surroundings to jog through, but its asphalt is not so kind on your knees. It does tend to be less crowded (though we discovered the hard way that old ladies seem to favour it for some topless tanning) and there’s interesting stuff to do besides just lying in the sun, such as discovering a wide array of statues (from the rather fine to the appalingly amusingly hideous), visiting the Vajdahunyad castle/Agricultural Museum or the Transportation Museum-it has an Antonov on the top, yay! Once you’re really tired, there’s some splendid burgers and drinks to be had at a very fair price in Pántlika- and the DJ isn’t half bad either.

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