The Two Outcasts

A bridge doesn’t have feelings, but I always feel a bit bad for Petőfi and Lágymányosi –

they never really make it to the postcards, given that they fall decidedly off the touristy track- it’s kind of fascinating to see how everyone makes a U-turn at the Market Hall near Freedom bridge and trots back onto Váci. To add insult to injury, Lágymányosi  was renamed, it’s officially  Rákóczi now-I presume they wanted to rename it Széchényi, like everything else in the city, but realized they already have one by that name.  Rákóczi is not bad, but it’s already a cheesecake anyways, why force it- especially given that the bridge IS in Lágymányos which kind of makes its original naming logical, and logic is beautiful. 

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