Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds@Sziget 2013

You immediately recognize an old Sziget fiend when they start telling you an elaborate horror story about how some really big name really sucked on the Main Stage. All of this happened several years back, in the era when you were a mere hatchling.  The two classic Gothic tales are David Bowie and Oasis, but Nick Cave is occasionally mentioned too for his 2005 performance. Thing is, Nick Cave can’t really be bad- he might be having a bad day, a bad evening, a bad glass of whiskey, but altogether he’s just too murderous to really, thunderously suck.
He’s also goddamn brilliant when he’s having a good day, but you can’t have one of those all the time, of course, so this year he was somewhere in between- closer to the great, but not cathartic by any means. Maybe he’s growing old and settled, but there was something muted in the overall atmosphere of the gig, as if he was in it, yet not quite there. Which in the end is a part of the Nick Cave feeling, the ambiguous, unsettling thought of something that might just happen, somewhere in the dark. 



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