Franz Ferdinand@Sziget 2013

Day Five drew the biggest crowd-whether they came for David Guetta or the laser show, it’s beyond the point, they came for the wrong reasons that’s for sure. Now, most likely, Franz Ferdinand would not necessarily be headliners at a British festival, but I’m sure they’d rather be the “opening act” for someone like Kraftwerk. Which was of course not an option here, and they did deliver exactly what was expected of them nevertheless- bar one or two tunes, the new album does not seem to be quite as devilishly hit packed as the previous ones, but it’s an honest effort at a well crafted indie pop album.
The classics were of course met with uproarious joy by the crowd, the front row was packed with as many art school hipsters as it could fit and Alex Kapranos got into some unfathomable long distance argument with one the Cribs who might or might not have been fuming somewhere backstage. All in all, a bit of very well deserved entertainment of the better kind-there’s not much more one could want  of a lazy summer evening.

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