Blur@Sziget 2013

There’s that moment when, as a kid, you’re standing in the dusty little station of a dusty little town, and a magnificent high speed train comes rumbling through. You hardly see it, hardly hear it, you just go woow, it’s that beautiful. So that was Blur.

With their having played at Sziget, it can be safely said that all the relevant names of the 90s Britpop wave paid their (dis)respects to the Main Stage: Suede at the end of the 90s, Oasis with an ominously bad gig in 2000, Pulp in 2011 and The Stone Roses once while imploding in 1996 and once as comeback boys in 2012. Pulp and The Roses were quite alright in the previous years, but they did give you the impression, here and there, that this was just a bad cover version of their former selves. 

So the question mark hung in the air: what would Blur do? Would they play like it was 1995? Well they did something even better, they went out there and played like it was 2013 but 1995 still mattered. How could it not, when the single most hysterical crowd reaction of this year’s festival was the cheer at the beginning of Girls and Boys. This was after all, as a delighted kid from the crowd said: some new band from that guy who made Gorillaz. And this new band played what was this year’s best concert by far, and maybe just maybe, the best this dusty island has ever seen.

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