Editors @ Sziget 2013

Also know as ‘The Secret Life of Tom Smith’s Hand’, the gig created some confusion around the Main Stage, partly due to the billowing clouds of coloured dust still floating around, partly due to the fact that the rather nondescript Fratellis were crammed into the schedule right before the Editors, creating a slot change that escaped the attention of most. Then a girl came running up to me and asked with a broad smile “Who ARE these people?!’. Because they are brilliant and she loves them, but does not know their name yet. Did I know their name? Of course, I said with my most unfazed yet satisfied hipster smile, they are the Editors.
You can blame them that they sound like Interpol sounding like Joy Division, and Tom Smith’s voice is definitely of the Curtisish kind, but they can write an atmospheric and catchy tune or too and can deliver them live convincingly enough to entertain a crowd filled people who hear them for the first time. That’s no mean feat and given that they were followed in the headline spot by Mika the Bland, it’s easy to conclude who stole the show on Saturday. (Yes, it was the hand.)

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